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Welcome to the Official website of Magic On Earth &ndash If Magic Did Exist series. The Magic On Earth series is an unusual blend of Contemporary and Urban fantasy place settings with High Fantasy characters placed throughout, accompanied by Dark Fantasy plots and spoon fulls of Romance. So in essence, it takes our world, our reality and puts in elves, dragons and other humanoids into it, with all the nuances of life.

With magic comes fear, misunderstanding, power, jealousy, greed and more. All of which are emotions that arise when one person has a power that others don't. These emotions can and will lead to conflict, as depicted in any story. In each book, all the characters must master a balancing act of their plentiful magic and differences with society, as well as themselves, while navigating life's natural courses and obstacles that don't include magic.

The M.O.E. series starts with An Elven Diary, a story that follows the journey of three young elven women who start out in high school, battling not only the typical bullies and high school drama, but their own personal demons.

The second book dives into an original species called the FireCats, a humanoid creature that has the body of a human, and the ears and tail of a cat. It follows Police Rookie Melissa OmNick, a recent graduate from the Police Academy. The difference here; their culture is more militaristic and deep underground. Think The Matrix.

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