The graphic that I saw. (I added the color)

Someone once told me to never let my imagination be capped. I was told this at a very young age and I took it to heart; mostly because I was young. And from there, this piece of advice, many years later, allowed me to create this series. This piece of advice was also given to one of my parents, to not hinder it. That was the starting peice of inspiration and everything throughout my life, in terms of creativity, has built upon that to create this series. All of my skills and abilities have gone into this project of 10 years; from my photoshoping skills that started in high school, with my CADDing skills, computer knowledge and my recently developed writing skills, as well as my beginner skills of creating websites.

The inspiration for this series, or at least the first book was a combination of two things. The first was my desire to write a short story. The second was of a single image in a 'how to draw manga characters' book. I saw an elf in there and my imagination kinda took over from there and for about a week, I imagined the character with friends, school, etc and soon it grew into a massive story- certainly more than the first short story I wrote which was 40 pages. And I only had the intention to make this story 40 page, but that didn't hold. So, after the first book was drafted, I put the entire project on hold, not realizing that it would span to what it is now (It has spanned several books now). After that, I waited several years, people asking me 'when are you going to publish that book you wrote?' My answer was simple, 'in time, probably 10 years from now'. And now, 10 years later, like I said it would probably take, I'm ready to publish it (today's technology is also a big factor). The book is going through it's final editing stage and waiting to be combined with it's cover.

Since I've mentioned that this is a book series, it's obvious that there is going to be more than one, two and possibly even three books. The second book started after perusing the net, looking for anamorphic cat girls for a drawing and that's when I stumbled upon one that was on fire and one that was a succubus. So, again, my imagination took over and I created what was known in my mind a 'FireCat' and I immediately started taking the thoughts down on paper through a plot and soon a dozen or so pages were put down. I definitely added more to the plot as I wrote, but I didn't actually add it to the document that I was keeping track of things, nor did it all happen in order. After 4 months, I stopped and waited for a little bit as I din't really want to continue writing and if I did, it would have been garbage. After about 6 months, I resumed and continued. Then the writing juices kept going and I kept writing more and more. I'd spend hours writing late at night, during the weekends, during breaks at work.

And now, everything is coming to fruition. I've incorporated various topics that I've seen through movies, politicial discussions, etc, into my books in some way, shape or form. I tried not to make a reference to any name or specific person that's actually living, however there will be similarities. They helped shape the outcomes and were used a guidence tool to help shape the series. I used highly controversial subjects to display both sides of the argument and let the characters play out the decisions.

This is the fruition of all my skills put together and has taken 10 years to create. Now I take a few more years to wrap it up and present it to the world. I know that if this catchs attention, people may want to create fan sites, wiki sites and possible animations. If that happens and you're one of the possibilities, please let me know, I'd love to see it! (And if you want to do a 'for profit' [directly or indirectly] thing, we need to talk first.)

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