Hi All!

This website was (and currently is) designed and created by me, Matt Deckman, the author and creator of the book series, Magic On Earth. As it currently stands, this is the only dedicated website for this series. Nobody else has designed a website for this book series and I would like it to stay that way.

Now that we have that out of the way, time for the book series itself!

Each book in the series will have a dedicated page where it provides a synopsis and the cover of said book. There will be a grand total of 7 books in the series. Yes, a bit Harry Potter, but that’s just how the story worked out. (There is a continuation project, but that’s later).

Each book is long; they are defined as ‘Epic’s or ‘Saga’s. Meaning, expect over 300 pages of book for each one. Each book is a blend of urban, contemporary fantasy blended together with high fantasy; ie, you’re gonna get Elves and dragons in modern times, mostly down in modern day Texas. Think of laptops, cars and other modern technology mixed with the previously mentioned Elves and dragons. I also added my own species: FireCats. Humanoid cats. A person with cat ears and a tail.

The other added genres that are present are; Romance. Each main character finds love, as well as most secondary characters (I’m just a cliché/cheesy guy). Dark Fantasy; there are bad guys, evil deeds and plot twists all throughout the series. Erotica; yes, you read that right, erotica. The second book, FireCats, fourth book, Sapluusana, sixth book, First Android Mindy, and the seventh book, The Unnamed Agency- they all have some adult scenery.

This series isn’t meant for kids or teenagers; it’s meant for those who are adults or of an extreme mature mind scape. It also takes aim at several highly controversial topics such as Religion, resurrection, abortion, gay marriage and other things.

Now that we have the general stuff out of the way; genre, length and other tiddly bits, we can go a little further: there are in-fact similarities between other books/novels/animated movies and series and this series. This series also makes pop culture and political references from time to time.

One last thing: this series was started in 2006- I started the first book, completed it and stopped for a time. It wasn’t until 2012 where I started back up with the second book.

Anyways, there you have the series in a nutshell. Whether or not it meets your tastes, well, that’s a different story.

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