Something has come to earth. Something powerful and unknown. The Black Squadron detected it and approached, cautious. Their instruments read that phenomenal amounts of energy are emanating from it. What they find is that it's a someone or something steps out from it.

The downside, the creature that steps out, steals away Trinity’s memory of who she is and who her loved ones are. The creature pokes fun at the Black Squadron, them being 'all powerful' and 'all knowing', yet not knowing about the supernatural creatures that live among the humans.

Vampires and Werewolves.

Pressed for time and an urgency as the creature goes around taking people’s magic from them, growing more powerful by the second (as if he wasn't powerful enough), the Black Squadron makes a desperate attempt at a possible solution- turn Saphiera into a Vampire and have her battle the creature to the death and hoping in the process to restore Trinity's memory.

Why Saphiera? Why not Alicia? Will Trinity get her memory back?

Desmond's Portal

Published: February 9th, 2017


Desmond's portal is a short story that is also a stand alone book. It 50 pages and is unusually vicious with words, gore and nudity. Reader's be warned, it's much darker than the rest of the series. And because it is a stand alone book, all events but one are ignored for the rest of the series. What happens in this book would also complicate the rest of the series, so that's the other reason why it's designated as a stand alone read.

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